Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fabric Options for Custom Lampshades

Lately we have been getting a lot of questions regarding fabric options for custom lampshades. Our inventory of in stock fabric options rotates out from time to time and so I thought I would keep an updated list of all in stock fabric options here in one place for you!

Fabrics are organized below based on the size and shape of shade they are able to accommodate. If none of these fabrics are quite right for your space you may also send in your own fabric to have a custom shade made at no extra charge. Helpful tips for selecting fabrics that work can be found toward the end of this post.

All sizes and shapes:


Colorwheel: 01

Leafy: 03

Calypso: 01

Large Leafy: 01 (Note: Print is too large to accommodate entire repeat in most cases)

Any size shade, however not recommended for cone shapes:

Medallion: Lime

Circles: B&W

Shades 12" wide or less:

Bird: 02 (Note: This is a panoramic view and not to scale. Chances are that not all of the print will be represented in your shade.)

If none of these fabrics are quite right for your shade, you may send in your own fabric to have a custom piece made at no extra charge. Here are some tips for choosing your own fabric:

  1. Choose a fabric with high natural fiber content such as linen or cotton. A synthetic/natural blend will work in most cases but the higher the natural fiber content the better it works with our adhesives. WE CANNOT USE FULLY SYNTHETIC FABRICS!!!
  2. Make sure you send a piece of fabric the right size to accommodate your shade. Here's a list of popular drum shade sizes accompanied by required fabric dimensions:
18"x9" Drum Shade - 60" wide x 12" tall
16"x9" Drum Shade - 55" wide x 12" tall
14"x10" Drum Shade - 50" wide x 12" tall
12"x10" Drum Shade - 42" wide x 12" tall
10"x10" Drum Shade - 35" wide x 12" tall

Based on the sizes above, consider the print orientation of your fabric. Will the print have to be turned sideways to accommodate the size of the shade you need? On cone shaped shades the print "flairs out" from the center of the shade, will this be a problem?

If you have any more questions regarding our fabrics or how to pick one of your own please feel free to e-mail me at