Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Artist Profile: Sienna Orlando

I love buttons. I have always loved buttons. I especially love unique buttons. It would make sense then that I would fall in love with Sienna Orlando's work. Read all about her then check out her etsy site by clicking HERE.

1. Where is your business based out of?

Currently by business is based out of my studio apartment. I am an artist-in-residence at the Mendocino Art Center in California. I live and work here making sculpture, sewn objects, and, yes, handmade buttons.

2. Where are you from originally?

I am from the Sacramento Valley in northern California. I'm a good ol' farmer's daughter, and I call Chico my home.

3. How long have you been an artist and/or business owner?

Well, I've been an artist and craftsperson (seriously) for that last four years. When I went back to school to get my BFA, that closed the deal (no turning back)! I have been selling my sculpture for a couple of years, but my Etsy store didn't come about until February 2009. I love it! I've been able to make an income while living temporarily on the coast. I travel so much, I now have the freedom to take my business anywhere.

4. Where do you get your creative inspiration?

Little things like my parakeet, or a particular song will inspire my objects. I love myths and stories, and end up creating little story-objects. My "Datura" buttons emerged as a form that I saw as a flower I grew as a child. Native Americans would use this plant in religious ceremonies. It came about as a formal exploration, but I know that each design has an immense history. Who would of thought all of that in just a little button?

5. What does your creative process entail?

My process comes very intuitively. I just start pressing out buttons and see what happens. Patterns emerge in the clay. The form will come and sometimes I'll think "yuk"! Then I glaze them and the magic of the kiln just takes over. The pieces start talking at some point and suddenly a simple button is a crystalline water drop, coming from where? I do a lot of experiments, and a lot of these little guys are great but can't be recreated. I use a lot of these special buttons in my Variety Packs.

6. Would you say your environment (where you live, work, play) influences your creative process? If so, how?

Absolutely. I live in a sort of Fairyland right now, and that has been a huge inspiration. There are plants and ocean and forests, and little things popping up everywhere. I have strong ties to nature, and often live in the country, or with a garden.

On the other hand I pay attention to what's happening on the web, too. What are the trends? What are the color palettes and icons that are pertinent right now? The aspects of design on the internet, and the whole Etsy community becomes a part of my environment.

7. Who are your creative mentors?

I have an "Art-Mama" who has been a great ceramics teacher, business owner, and mentor for me.

8. Tell us about the one project you would say you are most proud of.

My culminating show for my BFA degree. It was a carefully designed show of 9 pieces that worked not only on their own, but actually created an invisible flow for viewers. Some of my largest pieces were wheel-thrown and weighed as much as me before they dried! Others pieces just seemed to take on a tightness and a command for the material that really was a culmination for me.

Three years before I had been a potter. Upon graduating I was able to take all of my forms and create something more profound and conceptual. I titled the show "Brave Ascent" because when you get out of academia you really have to push yourself to soar; especially in the art field. You can see the show on my website at http://www.siennaorlando.com

9. What do you enjoy doing when you're not creating?

Cooking (especially canning and baking), gardening, hiking, picnics and cavorting, doing little breakfast dances in the kitchen with my boyfriend.

10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Running my own business, possibly a brick and mortar as well as internet sales. I'll have a family, lots of animals and plants, and a pantry full of homemade goods!

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