Thursday, December 4, 2008

Beat 'Em or Join 'Em: Cowboy Hats

Due to my recent move back to Twin Falls, Idaho I am faced with style choices that would not otherwise be on my radar. One among many is the classic cowboy hat. Now, having grown up here I am no stranger to this accessory. I even occasionally donned such a hat when I went fishing with Dad as a kid.

When I left Idaho to go to college I assumed I was leaving all cowboy culture behind me. Much to my surprise I found many a college student sporting cowboy hats. Now the hats I saw in college had a different spin, many sported alcoholic beverages and animal prints but the shape and overall style was the same.

The big question is whether or not you are going to beat 'em or join em'? I know we all have different tastes but would you wear one? Leave a comment to let us know!

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Anonymous said...

Good Grief, Annie, you can't seriously be considering this! And just where exactly on the Iowa campus did you see "many a college student" sporting such an atrocity?! It seems either you are mistaken or I have blocked such horrific sightings from my memory. Cowboy hats are only ever appropriate on children and ACTUAL COWBOYS. Anyone else caught wearing one will be immediately reported to Tim Gunn for style rehabilitation. Keep that in mind, my dear, when making your own headgear decisions.

Annie Bierma said...

You don't remember many a drunken student wandering around with cowboy hats on??? I totally remember it being a thing for going out in college (esp freshman year).

I actually knew a girl who wore her leopard print hat out all the time.

Peter said...

Okay, I grew up in Texas so I guess the post hits home for me. Even in Texas, the cowboy hat seemed like a novelty. Even in a diverse city like Houston I saw many a hat, but never did it look appealing as something I'd wear.

This is not a judgment against cowboy hat wearers, they just aren't for me. I prefer a good beanie, or the occasional balloon animal. I even went to a cowboy-themed birthday party once, and STILL didn't wear a cowboy hat; I actually taped a stuffed plush cow to my head. It didn't go over very well.

Anyways, I personally wouldn't wear a cowboy hat, like, ever, but like you I see many people around me courageously donning one.

Mille said...

Oh crack me up!!
Now....if I were to wear a cowboy would only be because I was dressing up as little miss Daisy Duke!

Anonymous said...

I would wear one if the mood felt right. As in, I wouldn't wear one to make a statement (not my style, although other I think some people could totally pull it off), but I would wear one if I were, say, herding cattle.

Unknown said...

I prefer the Target cowboy hat that looks chic and worn and is only to be worn in the summer when vacationing near a lake. But even then it's questionable!

Unknown said...

Well Cuz.. I hate to admit this but... I have been know to where a cowboy hat. In fact, I have three stashed my closet right now. It's been years sense I've worn them! They were part of my uniform when I worked at Bud. Would I where one now... No way! I'm more of a cute beanie kinda girl now.