Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hello everyone! Someone asked me today why I've not posted an artist profile yet this week. Instead of answering her I said nothing and ran awkwardly away to my computer to give a general blog update.

I am working on being more organized with artist profiles. Instead of waiting until the last minute to pull something together (like I've been doing) I'm trying to plan these profiles more in advance. Unfortunately this means it will be another week or two until I'll have another profile ready. (As a side note, if you know an artist who you would like to see featured, please send along their info and I'll do what I can.)

The winning fabrics will be announced tomorrow! Given that many of you left first and second place choices I've gone over the results again and again trying to weigh each vote properly. As a result, I've decided to buy more options than just one per color category. I'll explain each of my fabric choices in tomorrow's post.

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