Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Holiday Cheer & Free Shipping

Normally I wait until after Thanksgiving to get really excited for Christmas. This year however, my attempts to wait until Thanksgiving to start celebrating and preparing for Christmas have been to no avail. I cannot hold it in any longer. This is how excited I am:
(Disclaimer: brace yourself for the most undignified form of excitement EVER):

To spread even more holiday cheer, D&L is now offering free shipping on all coffee sleeves purchased now through December 31!

All we ask in return is that you spread some holiday cheer yourself and write to tell us all about it. Who knows, your story may even end up right here on our blog.

To view our full line of reusable coffee sleeves, please click here.


Forty Two East said...

Oh Jib Jab is too funny....!

Cute blog by the way.

Michelle C said...

And how about you come and decorate for me! I am running in and out of town so much this month that I need help! After Thanksgiving would be great! :)
I love Christmas

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Cute...You really are excited..

Peter said...

I've never been hotter for you.

owlsomegifts said...

That's a great little video. Pretty funny!