Thursday, November 5, 2009

An Ode to Nebraska

I've finally been able to go through photos from my recent trip to Iowa. It was a lovely trip in celebration of a dear friend's wedding (Yaaay Rach!) and the long journey with my sister lent itself to plenty of bonding time. Having grown up in Idaho and gone to school in Iowa, the 23 hour drive has become really familiar to me. The longest part of the trip is by far the state of Nebraska. If you are from Nebraska, I'm sorry, your state is by far the most boring piece of land in the United States. I'm not sorry for insulting your state...just sorry for you.

Since we had nothing better to do, we cataloged our arduous journey through Nebraska. Surprisingly, this portion of out trip wasn't without adventure...As you will see in the pictures below, we ran into quite the weather. (Why must you add insult to injury Nebraska?)

Here's our first picture just after the Nebraska/Wyoming border:

Here's the 1st hour:

2nd hour:

3rd hour:

4th hour in which it started to rain:

We pulled off for the night and woke up to this the next morning, thanks Nebraska.

An hour later:

And an hour after that:

An hour later:

Another hour passed...getting bored yet?

An hour later:

And finally...10 hours of driving later...the blessed "Welcome to Iowa" sign:

It was only another 5 hours to our destination from the Nebraska/Iowa border...a pleasant 5 hours of rolling hills and beautiful countryside. Oh sure, it rained the whole way but what did we care, we had made it out of Nebraska.

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