Monday, February 8, 2010

My Investors

Saturday was my first ever fabrication day, a day where I invited friends and family to stop by and help out with assembling reusable coffee sleeves. I decided to call this event Fabrication Madness and for a better part of day it was just that, chatty, fantastic, happy madness. The event was "open house" style and while we had a couple of die-hards (thanks Mom, Ally & Jess!), the majority of people came for a few of hours in the afternoon to help out. We traced, we cut, we sewed, we ate cupcakes and in the end we walked away with, a good number of completed coffee sleeves and several hundred pieces in a variety of "stages", all well on their way to being one of a kind reusable coffee sleeves.

This weekend has left me with a desire to share a little about my support system. I have built Dot&Line with a lot of hard work and dedication. I have never taken a loan, nor do I have any outside financial backers. I DO however have investors and even though they may not take traditional form, MY investors are even better than most. My investors are the several close friends who encourage me. My investors are the people who like my product so much they spread word and buy my items for their friends. Two of my investors are creative friends who contribute to this blog and three other ladies here in Twin Falls who I hope to hire someday. Then there is my father, who is a marketing guru (seriously, he runs his own ad & marketing agency), my mother who contributes wisdom and cuts batting. And let's not forget my kid sister who keeps things light when I become a little too intense and focused for my own good. One of my greatest investors is my husband who is perfectly fine with the financial implications of starting a full time business venture. He is also the planning type who has helped me stratagize on goals both short and long term. Thanks you investors for your unique and necessary contributions to my life. It would be no fun without you.

And now for some pictures of D&L's first ever Fabrication Madness:

Tracing, cutting, pressing, sewing...

Button sewing...

This was definitely a shot in the arm for D&L and boy was it FUN!
Thank you.


Valerie Jean said...

Oh, I am so sad I was not there! I'm getting all nostalgic looking at the little trays that hold the buttons and all the pretty thread colors. (sigh)

I want it on the record that I WAS THERE IN SPIRIT!

Also, I am honored and blessed to be a D&L investor. And I think we should all get t-shirts to that effect. I'm a D&L investor. Ask me how!

kateisfun said...

I, too, am sad not to have been there!! I totally have the same blue swivel chair from IKEA, though, so I FEEL like I was there.

Looks like a fabulous day... xo

Michelle C said...

I too was unable to come, but invite me again and I will see if I have that Sat free!