Sunday, July 19, 2009


What a week! I was originally planning on closing down my shop for two weeks but as it turns out I was productive enough last week to justify re-opening this week (Tuesday probably). Yaaay! Here is a list of the many things accomplished last week:

Built up inventory
Started to streamline the fabrication process
Development of an in depth inventory process
Developing tools for sales
Developed branding techniques

While I am grateful that these items are now checked off my list, logistics were not the week's primary focus. I was able to refocus and develop plans for the parts of my business that are currently successful and that I'm hoping to grow.

As it stands right now there are two areas of D&L that are currently experiencing a good deal of success. The first is our custom lampshade service. Our etsy site has done a decent job at generating sales, the majority of which are custom orders. I hope to develop this more over the next few months. We will be visiting local interior design/decorator firms with information regarding our custom shade services. I will also be developing wholesale options for boutiques and specialty home decor shops. We will be stepping back from in stock services for now, however we hope to develop that in the future too!

My second area of focus will be a further development of D&L's line of reusable coffee sleeves. This seems a little random given the primary focus of my business up until now has been home decor items. The success of the product so far and my interest in developing innovative ways to make green living more accessible has prodded me on to explore more in this area.

In addition to these things I also have a secret project! I have never really been good at secrets so keeping my mouth shut on this one will be tricky. More details on this exciting project later this week!


Michelle C said...

So glad that you have accomplished things in your business. It is always a good feeling.
I am behind you all the way!!!

kateisfun said...

Way to go! I love the way you are thinking about and approaching your business and passions. kisses to you!

Shelia Day said...

I wasn't for sure where I should put this. But, yes the curtains are from Ikea. :)