Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Introducing the New D&L Studio Space!

As many of you know, Dot&Line first started in a spare bedroom. From there we moved to our first public studio, a small "upstairs" space of another office. Bursting at the seams, we now find ourselves faced with the need to move yet again.

I present to you the soon to be home of Dot & Line Home Accessories. This new space will allow us to expand our line, take on larger custom orders and hire more employees. Additionally, this space is more accessible to local clients who may be interested in custom or "in stock" home accessory items.

Though it may look "home-y" the space has been zoned for commercial use and has lived a previous life as an office. While it may need a little curb appeal (flowers, landscaping and signage), this building has about everything we could want in terms of location and space.

Starting next week you can come visit us on 10th Ave. S. in the downtown Twin Falls area. We will be posting updates, including a tour of the space and pics of our own personal touches as they become available.


Michelle C said...

This is really so exciting for you. I will need some new cards I think! So glad for you.

kateisfun said...

Annie, this is so great! Congratulations! I love seeing this dream unfold for you.

Alissa said...

Woah. This is awesome!

A Regular Girl Takes Pictures said...

Wow! I just read up on things I was missing! This is great! I'm so excited for you!

I cannot wait to buy my first thing!

Lots of love to you!