Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vintage Instead

Alas I didn't get any further on my dress, which I was hoping to wear today. Turns out that making clothes is just not my thing...especially when it's involves patterns. For some reason all the instructions zap the fun out of the experience for me. Ah well.

Instead, I found this lovely little vintage number:


jacquesweet said...

gorgeous! I tried to wear something springy... but it just takes the fun out of it when there's 6 inches of snow outside. Ugh.

MichelleC said...

You look cute in the photo. Too bad I wasn't there to help. Since I have sewn since I was about 10, I sew by the pictures now. I HATE to read the directions. Confusing and sometimes I have a better idea.
Keep working on it and you can wear it later.

kimmylight said...

You look adorable ms. annie!

kateisfun said...

Ohh, gorgeous! Good find.

laglass said...

I agree, very good find!
Check me out.