Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where in the World: Sweden

Ex Patriot, Kate Jaggard Tyo now lives in Sweden with her hubbie and we just received news that there's a little Tyo on the way! Kate sent us this picture of her with her custom set of Dot&Line Love Birds that she received as a Christmas present.

Feel free to check out Kate's blog too. I'm sure you will love reading about her Swedish adventures as much as I do.


Alissa said...

Woah, I had heard but did not know if this was shareable news yet.

Also, I LOVE THE COFFEE SLEEVES! I'm going to take a picture of them in WV (and possible DC or Baltimore in the near future). They are even cuter in person.

kateisfun said...

Oh fun! :-) Thanks, Annie! :-)

kateisfun said...

Wait-- I forgot to say I LOVE MY BIRDS!!! Do you see the HORRIBLE wall paper in our bathroom? It's from the 60s and is as thick as the linoleum on the floors. I was desperately needing SOMETHING to distract, if only for a moment. I saw these same birds for sale at Dot&Line, but with black. Annie very agreeably made up these with the grey instead. Perfecto! Thanks, Annie!