Friday, December 11, 2009

DIY: Cutting Your Own Christmas Tree

I have always been a fan of fresh cut real Christmas trees. In the past picking out a tree has consisted of little more than showing up at a tree lot here in town. This year however, we decided we would purchase a permit and head to the forest to cut down our own tree. While cutting down trees may be controversial, rest assured that we will be planting a tree in the spring to replace it.

If you want to cut down your own tree here are some DIY tips:

1. Wear snow boots. We learned this the hard way.
2. Don't forget rope for tying it to your car and a saw (or hatchet) for chopping down the tree.
3. Use a 4 wheel drive vehicle, especially where there's snow
4. Dress warm!
5. Stick to the rules! Get the proper permits and documentation required to cut your own tree.
6. Pack water, blankets and food...just in case of car trouble.

When we set out to find our tree Peter and I had a dream of beautiful full branches. The tree we found is darling but does not meet this expectation. Our little tree is rivals Charlie Brown's for it's sparse character but we don't care! We will enjoy it all the same.

Here are some pics:

We look forward to transforming it with decorations tonight!

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