Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year End Update

Hello blogosphere! Oh how I have missed you blog! As you may have gathered from my absence and the note Val wrote explaining said absence, the holiday season has been a little crazy and I didn't have the insight to organize and prepost for the month of December, leaving me with virtually no time to keep you all updated. This last month of 2009 has been fantastic in terms of sales and keeping up with the demand has led to several late night stints.

Now to bring you up to speed with what my month looked like. I had originally planned on writing a post for each of these updates but given that this is the last day of 2009 I will do my best to give you the smooshed up version.

Before Christmas I hosted a table for our church Christmas tea party in which I used all sustainable, repurposed, or vintage products to decorate my table. I used cloth napkins, vintage snack sets purchased at a local second hand store, repurposed candle holders left over from my wedding, and extra ornaments dumped into a glass urn to decorate my table. And what eco-friendly table would be complete without including a reusable coffee sleeve.

Even earlier than the tea was The Holiday Food and Gift Festival, a local show that turned out to be a delight. My shades and coffee sleeves got some good exposure and while initial sales were a little low, I have made quite a few sales since based on the exposure I received. This was the show that Val was here to help me prepare for.

This year we did our best to give as many handmade gifts as possible for Christmas. I made several aprons for friends and family. The gifts that were not handmade were either slightly used (books) or had some utilitarian function (cooking utensils, etc). This was the first year where we took large strides toward my ultimate goal of taking The Handmade Pledge.

A lot of changes have taken place here at Dot&Line over the last year and I am excited to see what 2010 brings! I hope you will continue to join us in our exploration of purposeful living, creativity and environmental consciousness. Happy New Year!

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