Friday, October 23, 2009

DIY: Envelopes

This week's DIY project is also green in it's use of materials. For a while now I have enjoyed making my own envelopes. My favorite paper to use are old maps and magazines. You will need a template (I bought the one seen here but you can also take an existing envelope and disassemble it), a bone folder or popsicle stick, glue stick or double sided tape, and your paper of choice.

Start by tracing the shape of your template on your paper & cut.

Next use your bone folder or popsicle stick to fold down the flaps of the the envelope and secure with glue stick or double sided tape.

This next step is optional. I like to take this double sided tack film found at your local craft store and make labels. I bought some labels and used them as templates to make more handmade labels. Once you have traced your labels onto your paper, follow the directions on your double sided film. Trim down your labels and use as needed on your handmade envelopes.


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kateisfun said...

When I was little I used to make my own envelopes, but without the precision of a guide or bone folder... Yours look way more legit, and you've inspired me to be creative in this way again. Love it!