Monday, October 5, 2009

See Kate Conquer: Meet Kate

My name is Kate and I'll be serving as your Monday entertainment.

When Annie asked if I wanted to write a weekly guest post for Dot&Line I jumped at the chance to do a little more writing in my spare time. That, and I know that more people read Annie's blog than mine, so it meant an instant readership gain for me. Of course, here I have someone else's expectation that I will produce something on a regular basis, and I have no fear that that won't be a good motivator since the shame and grief of not meeting a deadline may be too much to handle in my delicate state.

Ah yes, my delicate state. I am seven months pregnant, and counting of course, so there's a small [huge] chance that some [all] of my posts will be vaguely [entirely] related to such matters. I will spare you the details of things such as placenta encapsulation, as that surely violates the protocol for such an exquisite design blog as Dot&Line. However, one thing that my delicate state has reminded me of is that time is of premium value these days (and even more so in my not-so-distant future), and that it will serve me well to maximize the time and energy I put into things that I'm really excited and passionate about, and minimize the time I spend grazing the web, reading trashy news, and wallowing in whatever notion is begging for thought on a particular morning. Some days I feel more like I'm surviving my life instead of actually living it. On my best days, I am not just checking things off a to-do list, but actually working to increase the quality of my day-to-day.

One thing that is true for me, whether I do it consistently or not, is that I love the idea of improving systems that are in place and devising systems where there aren't any. Would you believe, however, that I am totally not Type A, but Type B to the utmost? I'm hoping this weekly public spotlight will not only gain me fame but also increase the evidence of these new and improved systems in my actual life. And that's not just me being overly ambitious, that's killing two birds with one stone, a Type B's fantasy come true.

So, my vain assumption for this Monday column is you might actually find what I'm attempting to do in my life useful in your own. At the very least, I hope you'll enjoy being the anonymous observer and be amused by my efforts. If you have any suggestions or commentary, I hope you'll let me know that as well.

Next Monday I'm jumping in to a riveting exposé on the woes of my kitchen storage space. Brace yourselves for a wild journey covering quinoa, kackerlackor, and cabinetry.

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Michelle C said...

It is nice to meet a few of your friends.